Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Idea Simulator

John: look at me...! I'm dancing on the table, i'm dancin on the table, i'm dancin on the table!!

(shouting while dancing while pointing fingers up in the air)

Mrs. L: Mr. Hall! we are at a formal dinner gathering and it-

John: I could give a fuck. i'm dancing! i'm dancing!

Man in chair: (talks to guy beside him) You know what they say about stupid people: they always have fun.

John: (gasps) i heard that! why I'M NOT STUPID (shouting). I'll have you know that none of this is real! it's just a figment of my imagination, also known as an IDEA which I have augmented in this simulator!

Woman: How dare you!

John: Nothing about that woman is real. None of you are real except for me! I do what I want! And you're the first to go! (woman turns into a pizza)

John: (smug while eating a slice) ohoho! i guess she won't be ordering... delivery any more! hehe. okay that joke wasn't funny. but who CARES, it's my idea!

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