Sunday, January 29, 2012

John: I hate people who think that people don't change

Jack: well, what do you expect them to think. they will think whatever they want to think, and if they want to think the worst of you they will.

John: so true of society as a whole.

Jack: not necessarily. you can't say that about everybody, just the people you've been with. cheer up, there's somebody out there that doesn't care what you've done.

John: but really the past is so frivolous anyway. why should people hold onto it? but you know why they do? it's cheep, convenient. a memory away. but time is a fallacy that is locked in our brains. what is that, that saying? some people will forget everything about you except the way you made them feel. we're objects with a palpable sense of existence. Concrete, like a brick in a wall. So small a part, yet still a part of the whole. We can be sensed, still, a day, a month, years away. Just by the impression we leave on each other. That is why it is so hard for people to forget. And yet, if they knew that nothing exists but only in the NOW, they may be able to accept each other for who they are, not for what their representations project.

Jack: the lingering idea that you distaste so much, is the same thing that brings joy and hope to people's hearts. the past can keep us alive.

John: as well as angry.

Jack: well, the world is not so forgiving. you know this.

John: if I am able to forgive, then so should they. it's just illogical, that's all. i have to admit even to myself, that i have been illogical in assuming that the ideas in my head, the hatred for whoever is corellational to their current disposition. when in fact, i cannot see nor hear them nor sense them in any way beyond my own, flawed, perceptions to be able to judge them. and even if i did see them, by chance, a walk in the park, a restaurant, i still would not be able to judge them accurately. i'm saying, i should be able to act like an ass, a complete ass. and the next day if i wanted to be a different person then i have the right to, the God given right to be. and I could be a different person everyday, if i so choose. so is it right to judge a life time on one day? No, it is not. not even a lifetime on a week, or a month, or even years. only after I have died can someone truly judge me. it's just stupid to me. stupid. but i guess it keeps the world running.

Jack: give it some time.

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