Friday, January 6, 2012


X: "how totally fitting of society to reject the things that it creates."

A: "i didn't create you." ....

B: "neither did i"

X: "but you didn't stop it either."

A: "that's not our responsibility."

X: "of course, you have responsibilities of your own."

A: "things don't work like that. The world is just too vast for everyone to be concerned about everyone's well being. This is a Democracy, not Communism."

X: "Right, since the power to be assimilated into society cannot come from everyone, the power must come from the person herself. The person must realize that she is the power, only she, and only she can augment her ideas into reality."

X: "the weight of concern for a democracy is put on those higher levels of the hierarchy with the most common interest. the majority rules, but money rules the majority. what happens to the minority...?"


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