Monday, January 30, 2012

Candidate X on Don't Ask Don't Tell

Update: but i realized the flaw in my argument to void "gay". no one can void any thing that exists by the power of the people. if people say they are "gay" then by the inherent rights that they are born with they are what they say they are. The problem comes in when the rights of people who define themselves as such are limited by legislation. Therefore, the correct thing to do, and only constitutionally correct, is to null labels, in legislation, not referring to or having anything to do with the basic inherent rights of man. So basically, don't ask don't tell is unconstitutional

X: look at the candidates, quarreling over something that's imaginary. we're so technologically advanced but backwards when it comes to this. The Romans had more on us. Really, sexual orientation never existed until the 20th Century. "Gay" is a label, an imaginary sense of power, used to put people on a hierarchy so that they can be compared with one another. Well I say, how can you compare one man to the other? They are both men. This "Gay" thing we must get rid of. A man is still a man no matter what he freely chooses to do within the jurisdiction of the Constitution. It is our God given right to do these things. If I was president, "Gay" or "Homosexuality" would not be permitted to be used as terms in any legislation. Once we get rid of this imaginary wall called "gay", everyone will be accepted  for who they are, which is a man or a woman. And all men are allowed in the United States Military.

Y: so what about the millions of people that already consider themselves "Gay". What about the "gay" rights activists, how can you say that it is imaginary? when a man calls himself "black" or "white" are these labels imaginary as well?

X: White and black are trivial compared to "Gay". Yet I would do the same thing to those two labels if they interfered with the sense of equality. When someone says they are "gay" they have become more powerful and yet less powerful. If someone wants equality, why use a label that goes against equality? The label has become common practice but it is wrong. If they want equal rights they have to change their ideals, everybody does, we have to change what we think is equal. Do you know why the Romans had such a great Empire? It is because this sort of thing did not deter them. In Fact, it didn't even exist. We have to change our ideals and stop putting labels on things to make them seem more complicated and bigger when these things are just normal. In legislation, there is no such thing as "Gay". Men are men. Women are women.

Y: so what would you tell this soldier who claims to be "Gay" yet is enlisted in the military?

X: He is a Man, just like any other man, a respectable member of our military that has the God given right to do as he pleases within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Constitution. And he can so choose to call himself "Gay", but if it were up to me, "Gay" or any other label would be null in any legislation. We see men as men, and women as women.

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