Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Dark Idea

John: Why am I here? It sounds like a stupid philosophical question, but seriously, I don't know why I am here. I guess it's not such a stupid question. I really see no purpose. recently I've been perseverating on making the  Dark Idea a reality.

Jack: The Dark Idea is bad for you. You know this... Find something else to do with your time. Something that makes you happy.

John: Why what's wrong with the Dark Idea? I don't see anything wrong with it. It doesn't harm anybody. I have no purpose here. I know if I do the Dark Idea, I will be better off. But is it selfish...? I'm pretty sure the world will not care about the Dark Idea. I already proved that already.

Jack: Why do you want to do the Dark Idea. You know your family cares about you, shouldn't that be enough?

John: Everything that I was passionate about has been taken away from me. It's a loss. In order to survive, I had to let them go.

Jack: That's Life. Deal with it. a lot of people go through the same thing and they don't even think about the Dark Idea. If you do the Dark Idea you'll show the world that you're nothing but a coward.

John: The world doesn't care about me. I don't care about me. What difference does it make whether I'm a coward or not.

Jack: I think you do care. Because if you didn't care you wouldn't be contemplating the Dark Idea. In fact, you care so much that you don't want to face life if you fail. You're afraid of failure, John. Well, if you don't want to fail, then there's only one other choice. And let me tell you, you will never succeed if you do the Dark Idea. That's an automatic fail right there.


An ignorant mind without a mentor is a dangerous situation. an ignorant mind without a mentor will have to learn all the mistakes of life firsthand. no precognition. if you have a mentor, be grateful.


Monday, December 26, 2011


love is so powerful, it makes me want to implode on myself just by thinking about it. well in that case, i might as well start loving as many people as i can, if love is power i will be the most powerful person in the WORLD...! even more powerful than when i was a power monger. because now i will be driven by love. LOVE will be the excstacy that euphoriates my determination. nothing will be impossible...!

..yet. here i am, still alone. wondering when that love will exist in my reality. until then, Jack get back to work and stop perturbing me with these objects of false hope. we have work to do if we want to take over the world by 2029.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

John vs. Jack_02

John: I hate those people.

Jack: What people? you're talking in circles again.

John: you know, those people. anybody who's ever despised me. I hate them.

Jack: How do you know whether people despise you. Maybe you think that because you despise yourself.

John: Whatever. I'm gonna blow their freakin office building up one day. I'm smart enough I could do that.

Jack: yeah, then you'll be in the slammer and people will really despise you. And that's not smart. That's stupid.

John: They have no idea what I've been through, Jack. They all treat me like I'm some retard that fits into the lower level of society. I'm a fucking genius, and I'm not getting what I deserve.

Jack: If you're such a genius then how come you can't find true happiness...? What's up with that?

John: I don't want happiness. I want to make them suffer just like I suffer. Look at them, all of them. Living their daily lives in bliss, always smily-happy. It's like they don't have a fuckin problem in the world. All they do is go out with their ivory friends, doing stupid ivory things. it makes me sick. I hate them. all of them. the fact that I have to talk to them and be fake just makes me want to puke.

Jack: First of all, I think you're being jealous.

John: the more to hate them by

Jack: Second of all, they didn't choose to be happy. Or ivory for that matter. That's just how some people are. A lot of them actually. How would you feel if someone hated you for being a scorpio?

John: But they do hate me. They hate me for me hating them. I don't fit in anywhere. Maybe I should start a cult.

Jack: That's more progressive than the bomb.

John: yeah, but who would join...?

Friday, December 23, 2011


You take one step onto a hill, then you take 1029 more. And all the while gravity pulls you down. You can feel it. Every step up that hill. You don't know when it will give or whether you will give into it. And honestly,  some people might never reach the top. Some people might spend there whole lives in the middle of the hill. We can't see it Jack, the climax. We don't know when the anxiety will ever let up. It might never let up. But you have hope. Hope that someone, something great will be waiting for you, and it will be free falling from there.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

John vs. Jack_03

John: the world can be a dark place, up in the attic. no, we cannot live forever, and some people choose not to live at all.

Jack: Why are you so morbid? Get over yourself. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get with the situation. You'll never be happy if that's all you think. Think Positive.

John: Think? Jack, you are not that stupid, naive, nor shallow to even believe that "thinking" in today's world will get you, me, or anyone else where they want to be. There's no such thing as magic, Jack.

Jack: Believe in the world and the world will believe in you.

John: I hate the world.

Jack: Well then STOP HATIN. Start Lovin.

John: Where do you get your lines from? That's the corniest thing I've ever heard.

Jack: It works.

John: I bet it does in your world, Mr. Attractive, Successful get whatever I want.

Jack: That's why you should listen to me.

John: Whatever, I'm not a sellout. I like having a dark mind, that's who I am.

Jack: Okay. that's you. I'll be around every step of the way just in case you change.


nobody told me people can subconsciously tell whether you've been in a storm or not. no wonder nobody's asking me for an umbrella. i've never been in a storm so why would i have one.

John vs. Jack_01

(John and Jack are inside a hospital ward. John is suffering from a shotgun blow to the chest ( suicide attempt ). it's thundering outside )

John: why couldn't you have let an evil die...? why did you have to do it? why did you feel compelled to save my life...?

Jack: because there is still some good that can come from you. i believe in you, despite what anybody else says.

(lightning and thunder. John silently cries silently with a solemn look on his face)

John: no, Jack. no. I'm not here to do good. I'm here for revenge.

Jack: Revenge? (Jack is taken aback) Revenge on who? Don't you see! You are the creator of your own problems. No one else is there...! ...

(Jack is frustrated)

Jack: is to blame but you!

(a beat, John sobers up. lightning cracks outside. the lights go out. a candle at John's bedside illuminates half his face)

John: Like I said: you should have let an evil die.