Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm A Dick "Until I Got To Know You"

why does everybody think, i'm a "dick until i got to know you."

fuckin shmannigans.

that should be a title of a book: I'm a "Dick Until I Got To Know You."


does it make that much difference? sure, as long as i know what i am deep down inside.

thank you 5th grade teacher for your moral compass.

ever heard of that saying, don't judge a book by its title...?

Judge: "Dick by default...! Dick until proven guilty...! Erh, I mean innocent... wait.."

that reminds me of a joke:

A: What do you call it when someone gets dick-SLAPPED!...?

B: i don't know, what...?

A: Onomonopenis

Well I have to go to work now to prove once again, that I am not a huge DICK, although I have one, once again, to the distaste of others, I only write like a dick and look like a dick. but I'm not a dick. "QUACK."