Sunday, December 25, 2011

John vs. Jack_02

John: I hate those people.

Jack: What people? you're talking in circles again.

John: you know, those people. anybody who's ever despised me. I hate them.

Jack: How do you know whether people despise you. Maybe you think that because you despise yourself.

John: Whatever. I'm gonna blow their freakin office building up one day. I'm smart enough I could do that.

Jack: yeah, then you'll be in the slammer and people will really despise you. And that's not smart. That's stupid.

John: They have no idea what I've been through, Jack. They all treat me like I'm some retard that fits into the lower level of society. I'm a fucking genius, and I'm not getting what I deserve.

Jack: If you're such a genius then how come you can't find true happiness...? What's up with that?

John: I don't want happiness. I want to make them suffer just like I suffer. Look at them, all of them. Living their daily lives in bliss, always smily-happy. It's like they don't have a fuckin problem in the world. All they do is go out with their ivory friends, doing stupid ivory things. it makes me sick. I hate them. all of them. the fact that I have to talk to them and be fake just makes me want to puke.

Jack: First of all, I think you're being jealous.

John: the more to hate them by

Jack: Second of all, they didn't choose to be happy. Or ivory for that matter. That's just how some people are. A lot of them actually. How would you feel if someone hated you for being a scorpio?

John: But they do hate me. They hate me for me hating them. I don't fit in anywhere. Maybe I should start a cult.

Jack: That's more progressive than the bomb.

John: yeah, but who would join...?

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