Monday, December 19, 2011

John vs. Jack_01

(John and Jack are inside a hospital ward. John is suffering from a shotgun blow to the chest ( suicide attempt ). it's thundering outside )

John: why couldn't you have let an evil die...? why did you have to do it? why did you feel compelled to save my life...?

Jack: because there is still some good that can come from you. i believe in you, despite what anybody else says.

(lightning and thunder. John silently cries silently with a solemn look on his face)

John: no, Jack. no. I'm not here to do good. I'm here for revenge.

Jack: Revenge? (Jack is taken aback) Revenge on who? Don't you see! You are the creator of your own problems. No one else is there...! ...

(Jack is frustrated)

Jack: is to blame but you!

(a beat, John sobers up. lightning cracks outside. the lights go out. a candle at John's bedside illuminates half his face)

John: Like I said: you should have let an evil die.

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