Sunday, July 22, 2012

A reporter goes to a woman's house in southern Florida.

Wade the Reporter: Julia Krills is a 99 year old retiree who likes playing scrabble and, get this, she looks after her pet flies. (looks at Julia) Julia, could you tell us more about your pet flies...?

Julia: (Julia has a frail, old-woman-person voice) well, I've had them for over.. (hesitation) over thirty years. and... and flies are really amazing fast little creatures that like to eat...

(room turns black, Julia's voice turns into a DEMON VOICE)
..they like to eat the carcuses of fresh meat! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

(you hear a man screaming in the background, the fireplace is golden green. after about 6 seconds the screaming stops. the fireplace goes back to normal and the lights turn back on. Julia is still in her seat and Wade is also back in his seat. but he looks pale.)

Wade: (dribble goes down his lip onto his sport coat. He's almost like a zombie) Thank you, Julia. Brian and Serina, (clears his throat) back to you...


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