Thursday, July 5, 2012

texts from the dark side

Text Message to John:

12:40 AM
"yesss. join the dark side John. and together, we can have hot pockets and tator tots on saturday morning. Well, actually that's sort of homo. But sseriously, join the dark side bc it's cool. I just spent 1 min 29 seconds writing this out. Join me! I am awesomeness..."
darth sidious xj

12:51 AM
"pleaassse join the dark side... i'll put in this free t-shirt and bumper sticker if you join. Look, the t-shirt says, "i joined the dark side, for the EMPIRE". oh yeh, i have another 1 that's like, "588-2300..." then it shows a picture of a deathstar on the back. Isn't that cool...? Join me!" 
darth sidious xj

1:29 AM
"okay, really i get a bonus if you join..."
darth sidious xj

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