Sunday, January 27, 2013

you're not going to change the world by giving out pity.

it makes me sad to see that people don't understand. they don't. but growing apart just means we're growing older... and that's the way it is.

i really hate how some people friend other people because they feel pity for them. to me, pity is the lowest form of any emotion anyone could give anyone else. they really don't understand. i am one of the most powerful people on earth (but i never said there were few of us. there are only as many powerful people as there are people who admit it...) don't feel pity for me. i deserve everything that comes my way. if i am at fault for every bad thing that happens in my life, then if you are willing, if you choose to give pity, i am responsible for every success that happens in my life. but since i argue that you might never understand where i am coming from, then i guess it is a double standard. i can't judge you based on your pity. perhaps you think it actually changes people. more power to you. but i believe it doesn't. you're not going to change the world by giving out pity.

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