Tuesday, January 22, 2013

i can do it all by myself...!

OMG. the scene in fight club where edward nortin beats himself up in front of his boss... hahaha! i'm doing that if cops arrest me...! that would be so epic-ly awesome. "PLEASE OFFICER...! DON'T ARREST ME! *punches himself in the face and throws himself on the ground* I TOLD YA, I'M INNOCENT...!" i could get out of every situation with that one. people would just think i'm crazy. which is awesome. they wouldn't fuck with me then. haha

What're they gonna do...? beat me even more...? "QUIT BEATING YOURSELF UP... OR I'LL HELP YOU DO IT...!" hmm

Predicted results:

Judge: "I'm ordering a restraining order for this young man to stay 50 yards away from... uh, himself, at all times."


Judge: "I'm ordering a restraining order for the law (pronounced, 'THE LAAW!') to stay 50 yards away from this innocent young man at all times. Any violations will result in mandibles being chopped off..."

it's about the idea. a man willing to sacrifice his status as a sane man, moreover, flush it down the toilet or jettison it off the side of the road like a bag of weed that's too much trouble to trouble with. and it's all about proving a point.

awesome. i likey

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