Saturday, January 19, 2013

if you can't make a difference then you're already dead. i've already been cataloged and categorized into the label that makes my future. the label that is me. i want to surprise someone. people, really. you want to see a hero...? there is no meaning in anything unless we look for it... why did God not want Adam to have knowledge...?

"John, I'm telling you, if you keep going at this rate you'll go crazy...! Try to relax, stop looking for answers to everything..."

but, but i found out. i found what i was looking for, even if i didn't know what i was looking for. at first. what are you afraid of...? every question has a motive... every action has a motive. invite me to your tea party to 'get to know me'. invite me to the pentagon to... well... i'm on another level fuckers. you know where i'm headed. if there is meaning in life, if we can discern between right and wrong, then God, open the gates of heaven, because I will do the right thing before i die. why wouldn't i...?

when you leave the matrix, nothing is real. we're trapped in this human body. there is something beyond physicality,  beyond our skins, beyond us...

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