Saturday, December 1, 2012

John's talent agent is outside his closed bedroom door. He talks so that John who is laying smugly in his bed like a spoiled 2 year old can hear him.

Agent: John we're going to the party tonight we need you to be there to help boost the sales of your cd.

John: (2 year old tantrum whiny voice. you can hear it muffled from outside the door) no! i don' wanna!

Agent: Why...?

John: becuase i have to be fake. and i don wanna be fake...!

Agent: John, this is very important that you go, otherwise how will the consumers know what they are buying.

John: (chanting in a sort of melody) i wanna go home. i wanna go home.

Agent: ... uh, .... What?

John: i don wanna be fake!

Agent: John its just a party, just for tonight...

John: i don't like parties! people go around being fake and shiet...

Agent: John, sometimes you have to be fake in order to get something done.

John: ???.....

Agent: John, John...? are you there...?



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