Tuesday, June 5, 2012

...but you see, if you believe it, it is true. and true is an infinite times greater than nothing at all. so there is an infinite amount of power yielding to use. it is an innate power that is ultimately greater than feigned power. note, whether what you believe to be true is true or not, is inconsequential. therefore, there can be two separate entities that have opposing beliefs, inconsequentially true or not, however the power that is yielded by both entities can be matched near equal. but who is to say that the opposing beliefs don't carry the same artifacts thereby proving their unison? both powers can be fueled by the same force, regardless of both parties' disaccord. the greatest conquerors of the human world were not great because of their talents. had they not believed that they were divinely inspired they would not have aspired to become what they were: legends, heroes, 'geniuses', or the most influential figures of their time, infamous or not...

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