Thursday, May 16, 2013

the difference between want and like

there's a difference between WANT and LIKE.

the difference is, WANT means that a person will get what they are seeking.

if you WANT something, you WILL GET IT.
if you don't WANT something, you will NOT get it.

however, just because you WANT something, doesn't mean that you will LIKE the process it takes to get it.

so i WANT to get this stuff done, however, i don't LIKE the process i have to go through everyday to even start on finishing a project.

also, if someone doesn't LIKE the process it takes to get something, their body might adjust and NOT WANT what they don't like anymore.

but then there's the theory that what you WANT cannot be changed and is set at birth. so, we might THINK that we WANT something, but if we never get that something, then we never WANTED it in the first place.

so we can never NOT WANT something, because that would denote that there is a choice, which based on the theory, there isn't.

we can only GET what we WANT, although we may or may not be aware of what we actually WANT.

WANT is complex. it needs to be studied more but on a scientific terms, it can be described as a predisposition / genetics / heredity (i think) and on a more metaphysical level we have studies such as Numerology which basically say that there is a 'constancy' in the universe, that is similar to, of course we have the Master Idea to go along with that.

get it...?

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