Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Image

there's this story about this dude named kevin. kevin thought he was having delusions, well he didn't really know what delusions were, he kept telling his therapist he thought people were out to get him, but his therapist kept insisting NO nobody's out to get you. kevin kept going to his therapist every week but he kept getting more paranoid and more and MORE paranoid. he thought everyone was out to get him, strangely it would get worse every time he would leave his therapists office. kevin somehow attributed this to that being in the therapists office was so therapuetic that it seemed alot worse when he left. one day kevin was at home. he kept hearing these voices tell him he was a fagot. FAGOT FAGOT FAGOT. kevin got scared to where he couldn't sleep at night because he thought the people were after him. kevin got so paranoid, that one day during the middle of the day he rushed from his room to his therapist's office and burst open the door and told his therapist that he needed serious help urgently. his therapist told him to calm down. eventually kevin got drugged up by the nurse in the therapis'ts office. it didn't work though. kevin went back home still paranoid an hearing voices. in the meantime, after kevin left the therapist's office, the therapist went out to eat lunch with his daughter. his daughter decided to bring her boyfriend. the boyfriend just so happened to be a tutor for another boy named gary who had bad feelings for kevin ever since they met. gary had really bad feelings for kevin because kevin was different. yet somehow, even though gary hated kevin, he could not stop thinking about him. he hated him though and thought he was a fagot. one day gary saw kevin from across the room and said to his tutor, "let's go, i'm not staying around this fagot." every day gary woudl be tutored by the boy. and everyday as routine the boy would go to his girlfriend's house, and every day the girlfriend would eat lunch with her father and everyday the father, the therapist would talk to kevin and try to calm him down. but for some reason everyday kevin would become more paranoid and scared that somebody out to get him. one day kevin get so paranoid that he buys a gun and decides to go shooting. kevin gos to a room and decides not to shoot. gary just so happens to be in there. gary say, "you fagot". kevin pull out gun and shoot gary. then kevin instantly stopped having paranoia and ultimately went to prison for killing gary. the end

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