Wednesday, April 3, 2013

i really hate when the t.v. is running and i'm trying to work, which is pretty much i work all day, every day. i take my work pretty seriously and so do the other people in the house except for ONE person who doesn't really do the studious types of stuff the other 3 of us do. he's the only person who watches t.v. in the house. talk about picking similar roommates. i'm not mad at him it's just, damn, it's hard for me to concentrate and i literally have no where else to study. it's very hard for me to concentrate so once i get going i don't like to be disturbed.

and the real problem is the living room is right outside my bedroom door, the t.v. is like literally 5 feet away from my door.

i wanna get rid of that t.v. so bad...

BUT, it is not my right as a roommate to tell someone what they can or cannot do with the t.v. so, i have to put up with it.

i really need an office. or better yet my own apartment or house.

my own studio. that sounds nice.

i have a job, i'm just not being compensated for it yet. that's okay, i enjoy what i do, WHEN I'M NOT BEING DISTRACTED. i have my headphones on too, but i can still hear it.

damn it.

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