Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Is there an afterlife...?

i was thinking that there has to be an after life because how would i know that i exist now without there being an afterlife...? get it...? i'm saying, if i have memories now there should be an afterlife, otherwise i wouldn't remember who i am at any given moment, i.e. memory is the result of an end place, the place we get to before the afterlife. before memory, we are just animals part of the energy of the universe, however not intelligent.

How does having memory mean that there is an afterlife...? Because if we didn't have memories or intelligence... good question, need to think more, forgot how i came to this conclusion.

BUT, just because we perceive ourselves to have memories, see, memories and human intelligence could not be intelligence after-all, it could just be another natural function that has occurred through nature, and it is only intelligence and memory because we perceive it to be more than it is. therefore, concluding that we are all just "energies" in the system, part of the Master Idea, and we will continue to be energies fluctuating within/throughout the Master Idea for all eternity...

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