Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Everything must be a game...?

why must he make it a game, why can't he enjoy doing this...? gotta make it a game, it has to be a game, otherwise, it won't get done...

that's kind of odd.

introspection tells him that he must make things he dislikes into a game. why does he have to make them into a game in the first place? what is this conflict? why does he continue to do something that repels him...?

the question is, why does it repel him...?

he thinks he's figured out the root to his problems. he was once oppressed, as an artist. he was controlled and oppressed, to the point where it was smothering out his originality. no one wants to be a robot.

the reason why he is repelled by doing this is because subconsciously, he believes that he is doing this for someone else, not himself.

so we have a problem with authority. an all or nothing proposal:

"if i'm not doing this for myself, then i won't do it at all."

but it only makes sense. why would he do something, if it's not for himself...? even if he knows that what repels him is good for him, if somebody else commands him to do it, he won't do it.

therefore, he has to trick his mind into thinking it is a game. a game where he comes out the winner...

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