Wednesday, October 31, 2012

blah blah

You can't control whether Satan mocks you.

BUT, you CAN control what YOU do about it.

i hate reading english literature. it is so pointless, to me. i mean, i know it is an artform, but i don't understand it. which is probably why i don't like reading it. i mean, they could just simply show the whole book in a movie if they wanted to get a point across.

reading english literature is like reading a history book. but it's all FICTIONAL. who wants to read pages upon pages of a fake history book...?

if there is a lesson to be learned, just tell me the fucking lesson and let's get on with life. i shouldn't have to read, like, 300 pages of fictional-ness to get it. GET IT...?

that is why english is an ART. because some people get it, and some people don't...

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