Friday, August 17, 2012

the man in the mirror: jack vs. john

Jack: Let go of the past. The past doesn't care about you, but you care about it.

John: But, but I have feelings for the past...

Jack: Look, no matter how much you try to please the past, the past is not going to change. STOP trying to change the past. The past doesn't give a fuck about you. The past thinks you're weak, the past thinks you can't make it. Why would you invest in something that is against you...?

John: Because, because I want to show the past that I've changed.

Jack: The Past doesn't care whether you've changed. What the Fuck!?! You act like you should be sorry for what made you who you are. Let me give you some advice... DON'T APOLOGIZE FOR NOTHIN. The Past is a sorry asshole who judged you not by your potential, but by your face. Too bad for the Past... In fact, the Past can go Fuck itself. See if I give a damn...

John: The Past thinks I'm an "asshole".

Jack: Is there something wrong with that? Better perceived as an "asshole" than someone who's fake, a LIAR, a gossip just to gossiper, get's everything they want, in my opinion, someone who knows absolutely nothin about anything you've accomplished. Do they know what you've done...?

John: No.

Jack: Good for them. Let them stay in the dark...

John: But I'm in the dark...

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