Sunday, August 5, 2012

The creep from the corner

that awkward moment
when a random gent
who happens to be from lafayette
he's ugly, got a stache and has a bald head
comes out of nowhere with a small dog and says
"hi john
i know who you are, but you don't know me"
so what are you called, a professional creep?

wigga, PLEASE
don't make ME
get violent on yo ass
cause i know how to play the violin really fast
this one man symphony aint for one man's sympathy
so get back
take a chill pill

walk a mile
turn that frown to a smile
and have a nice day

im bout to blast
yo hat with a bullet in the cap
isn't that what you wanted to have?
i got a gat
my finger on the trigger i'm bout to pull it
and attack
lyrics cliche,
sorry about that
i told you i'm violient
but my face is so silent
so nobody knows what i'm thinking inside it
what you think i'm kidding?
don't bring me to your wedding
i'll slap the first hoe
i see in my bedding

i may be fretting
seriously do you get it?!
i don't want to kill you
motherfucker i'm too near you
you smell like fear
it's cold in here
that's when i realized
i was looking in the mirror

nigga you aint nothing
but you gonna be something
cause you gotta be something
before you fall down and die
and if you aint nothing
then you gotta be something
cause two double negatives
make all the wrongs right

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