Tuesday, August 21, 2012

all he can do is dance

i found this on my old hard drive, it's actually dated 10/25/2008...

when you get pissed at the world, and the world is pissed back at you, when you can't put up with another let down because you screwed yourself over for the last time, by the way, time equals money, neither of which you have, there's little hope on the horizon, the titanic is sinking and your on it. gentlemen, shall we?

then all of a sudden all the people round you do the thriller dance and your michael jackson. your worries are gone, for now, and all you can think about is gettin your groove on till ya just can't stop.

frik all those people who brain wash society to believe that success can only be attained through higher level education. you know the truth, yes the truth will set you free, but your locked in a cage that is even more abstract than the word 'freedom'.

just what is freedom? freedom to choose? oh i get it. i have the freedom to choose whether i want to die a man who is in debt up to his eyebrows, or be a dead a man killed by self doubt and disappointment because i followed traditions, what other people think i should do.

how can a person enjoy beats when they have to carry the 29lb boombox that plays them on their shoulder, everywhere they go? the radio station they listen to is playing the same old beats over and over again, and it's getting lame.

people are versatile. they adapt. they change and they realize that life isn't always about what they thought it was about. they still want to listen to music, but this time turn it to a different channel. ultimately, they might never find the station they are looking for; they will dream with disdain. they will suffer countless nights of insomnia. they might become the technically crazy. only crazy driven by technology that they are tired of using.

that person will live each day by the shirt on his back; every so once in a while he gotta wash it. week after week of washing this kid gets his shirt outa the dryer one day and notices its colors are all worn. what says him now? nothing. he keeps going. he keeps doing what he gotta do to survive. he puts up with the let downs. he gets stereotyped by ignorant peoples that just don't get it. what says him now? nothing. he pays out of his own pocket for his stale investment in the future. he finds out he has been doped on too high of a dose that left his left side dormant for years. what says him now? nothing.

all he can do,
is dance.

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