Sunday, March 18, 2012

what the fuck am i doing
i'm losing at losing
i'm winning at nothing
don't believe me i'll prove it
there's a loose knit
in the back of my room
and i can't look at it
cause i'm afraid i'll attach to.
i try to relax through
but the lack of sanity
has brought me
panic attacks at noon
or is it night?
i can't really tell
when my eyes and sights
are always focused on hell
it's always sunny
in philedel-
i can't tell what
i'm from Chicago
no doubt that i'll go
down in the records
as just another
among the millions more
how many are soar
and have contemplated
suicide by the lake side
if the moon is high
maybe soon the tide
will take me away
in my sleep
fuck it
i'm in too deep
i'm up to my knees
in harassies
can you please
help me to help me think?
may i rest in peace
peace may i rest
i dunno
just a thought

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