Monday, March 5, 2012

untitled lyrics for rap battle

you call me street sweeper
your rhymes are so wack
quit smokin that reefer
get your mind back on track
the only thing i'm sweepin
is your girl on her back
see the only thing i'm keeping is yo girl so retract
please step back
refrain from attack
in fact relax
cause the only thing yo girl wants
is a nigga whos black
excuse me, only half
does it even really matter
ask yo girl one time
she says she wants to feel it harder
i'm john carter
animal with 2 brains
one 8 inches long
and the others insane
perfect for fame
i'll put you to shame
now here boy,
my caliber and yours
well it just aint the same
come around here like you know this shit
well this shit is the gift that lady's fuckin with
i'm the keanu reaves of beats feats and cgt
i could've been industry what you got on me
i stand for what i believe
i blead for a fight
whatevers left will know
no sins just wrong and the right
my name might be john
i'm a king but not toilet
i don't need shit on me
coming from the mouth of Doyle
so the next time you're here
giving your two cent
or tell me how much better you are with the time you just spent
just remember what you're spitting
crap in my face
i'ma rap that shit and put you back in your place.

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