Saturday, March 3, 2012

Just some notes, bout to go to work:

Just some notes, bout to go to work:

Christians support War, which is a sin, but oppose Homosexuality which is a sin.
See it's not all about what is a sin anymore or not.
It's about what the Right thing to do is.
If China invaded the US would it be Right to declare war on them? Yes. Although we would probably lose, isolating just those two countries, one against the other, only those two.
Was it right that the US invaded and bombed Iraq and killed innocent Iraqi civilians and declared war against Iraq for building a Nuclear bomb? Well, it was a sin and it wasn't Right. So No.

Sins can be justified if they are the Right thing to do. Aristotle said something along the lines of 'never look at one incident the same way as any other. each incident is different in its own way.' this is how sins should be looked at. We all sin. We cannot get away from that. So instead of looking at things of whether they are sin or not, we should look at them as whether they are right or wrong respective to the situation.

Just because something is a sin, does not mean it is the Wrong thing to do. Just because something is not a sin, does not mean it is the Right thing to do.

What defines a sin anyway? The viewpoint of man as man wrote the artifacts of a religion. Man was inspired by God but man is not God and God is not a man.

I'll finish this later...

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