Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What is God...? The Master Idea

Catholics, Muslims, Christians, Jews. they all unknowingly worship the same thing. God. Christian God is not separate from Jewish God nor Islamic God. Only in documentation do they differ because those documents were written from different viewpoints. God is not a person. God is not intelligent. How can a person describe God as something that's personifiable? God is beyond intelligent, beyond all-knowing. "Loving" is a crude way of calling God less than what God is because people are using human characteristics, a very narcissistic point of view if you ask me. Do not personify God. God is an entity that is because it is. God is the blueprint or dna, the genome of life on earth. God is constant, therefore God's patterns can be realized. People are not God. People did not create the sun, the moon, or the earth. God did. God is in the NOW. You can find God in mathematics, science, physics, psychology, etc. That is because God, the ultimate formula, The Master Idea, is the sole inspiration for all ideas.

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