Monday, February 13, 2012

what is evil...?

J: what is evil...?

L:  whatever you want it to be.

J: what is God...?

L: the higher power that you believe in. duh.

J: how can evil exist if everybody doesn't agree to it's definition

L: just like God, evil is different for everybody.

J: When you say, what is a 'man' we can agree that man exits.

L: and your point is...? if you say the same for evil 99% of people will agree that it exists.

J:  God won't be different once it is proven that God is a physical entity.

L: okay...

J: So if evil exists then what is it...?

L: that's for you to personally define John. No one can tell you that for sure.

J: I think that i'm evil because I have done some evil acts. Do actions make someone evil, or what they truly feel inside...? Your opinion.

L: I think you know. Actions don't make someone evil. Its their true intentions.

J: This is where it gets fuzzy. So i can technically be evil, but do good things for people. But based on your opinion, there has to be known intentions or a result that would classify someone as evil. Otherwise, without the result, the person might as well be 'good'. So we really can't tell who is evil or not on the inside without evidence (we base people's intentions from their actions). Furthermore, without results, we can't tell who is good (on the inside) as well. So i could be good in the heart but do evil acts. But there is still no way to tell from the outside whether someone is truly evil based on his actions. Only I can define myself as good or evil. But society will use her definition to judge...

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