Wednesday, February 1, 2012

untitled lyrics

as far back as i can tell
ever since i was nine
i got the idea in my head
that i wanted to die
but i was a good little boy
and i didn't tell anybody
cause the harm it would do
would just keep people from loving me
so i grew up in church
with people telling me it was a sin
but why shouldn't i want to die
with my situation
see i've had everything taken
you may think i have a heart
but shit no that's been taken too
when me and my mother split apart
so stop feeling sorry
or you'll always be sad
this is what these people keep saying
cause they've never had it that bad
i'm pissed off with life
cause i'm living as a minority
the people with disorders
and bipolar and border line personalities
so if you don't like this song
it's because you can't feel the pain
that all of us below you feel
when we cater to your name
we don't give a fuck
if you're already on top
white, male has a car, girlfriend and a job
this song is for the strugglers
at the bottom of the pit
who are picking money from their asses
and still managing to live
if you're out there and can hear
i know what you've all been through
i just wanted to give you some hope and make
this next song for you

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