Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The difference between a Dick and a True Dick

based on people's reactions, i'm confused as to whether i'm a true dick or a nice person (weak). see, nice people everyone likes but they have nothing to offer the conversation. true dicks are different than regular dicks because regular dicks have some likeability whereas true dicks piss everybody off. true dicks are people like Vincent Van Gogh, ... .... i can't think of any others. true dicks might not have any friends but they keep living their life as if it were normal. oh yes! Hitler was a true dick as well. regular dicks think they're so smug. they like to think they are true dicks, but they're not. if they have friends they are not true dicks. only a true dick would sacrifice friendship for his status (consciously or subconsciously, no difference).

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