Thursday, February 2, 2012

stupid or smart

X: look at this joker, telling me that i'm not smart. i'll have you know that a smart person can do anything he wants to do, say anything he wants to say, and still be smart. just like a stupid person will always be stupid no matter what he says, even if he says smart things. any smart person knows this, that smartness is inherent.

J: you're ridiculous. smartness is not inherent, smartness is learned. anybody can be stupid one day then learn to smart the next. smartness is action. just by you saying that shows how stupid you are...

X: no, a smart person can say things that are stupid and not care about the results, and people will perceive him as stupid. but the difference is, a smart person knows when he has said something stupid, even if he doesn't care whereas a stupid person doesn't know what he has said is stupid. smartness is not what's on the outside. it's what's on the inside

J: what people show on the outside reflects what's on the inside.

X: you are so ignorant. you should know better than anybody. a man can be as calm and collected as possible but inside be burning with rage. you know this. don't act stupid

J: proving my point, stupid is by action

X: but it is only defined by the audience. it isn't really stupid. if the audience knew what the person was thinking

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