Wednesday, February 15, 2012

refering back to X14

so, does that mean that if i put on a show and am put into an asylum that i am crazy....? does that mean if i kill myself that i am a murderer...? does that mean that if i save myself from killing myself, i am a hero....? there must be tonnes of heroes out there. there's something not right here. and that is, who you are is not defined by other people. it's defined by you.

but what about Hitler...? maybe he thought he was a hero. "mein Furher." but everybody else says he was an idiot, a mass murderer.

so maybe it is a mixture of the two. a person has two identities. who they perceive themselves to be and what the outside world perceives them to be. there has to be a bridge to connect the two. if the bridge does not happen, then the inner perception and the outer perception will not communicate with each other.

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