Sunday, February 19, 2012

Power, Fear, and Love

What's the difference between power, fear, and love...? I haven't been afraid of anything in a while, so I don't have an accurate feeling of it. Or maybe I'm afraid and don't know it, or I'm afraid all the time, so therefore I have nothing to compare it to.

Jack: "Don't be afraid. Be prepared."

Comparatively, if that is the right word I am seeking, maybe I have power and don't know it. Maybe I am in love and don't know it. But what's the difference if you don't know it? For all things considered, we will just keep the conversation at a palpable level.

I didn't want to use that word palpable, I use it so often, but 'sensuous' doesn't make sense. No pun intended.

I mean, our conclusions should be based off of what we sense, otherwise we get into Philosophy, GOD BLESS WHOEVER STUDIES THAT RELIGION, which then turns the conversation onto a tangent of a infinite degrees. And furthermore, philosophy is harder to prove wrong. get it? In this conversation, what we sense is what makes the facts. And the facts constitute the conclusion.

So what is Power? And how does it correlate with Love and Fear? A question from the back...?

Student X: "But why are you just including those? Why not include Hate as well...?"

A further question, why am I not including Hate in this as well? Well, I might as well, now that you've brought it up. See, it all started with me looking at an online list of '100 manly books a man must read'. I quickly glanced through the first few pages and figured out (yes, I am smart!) that I had read some of these books and had heard of quite a few of them, furthermore concluding that whoever made this list had some good taste (the list was pretty much solid). Scrupulously (I just wanted to use this word for comedy) reading through the details of several books, I decided I would buy an illegal e-copy of The Prince from the shady guy with the black trench coat in the subway bathroom. No seriously, I got it from my nearest Library, which they had one copy from back in the, hold on, I have to check the date... Oh yes, 1992 is it's publication date.

As soon as I got this book I knew that my life would be changed. How? I quickly opened to the Index and found chapter 17 "Whether it is better to be Loved or Feared" then ran 5 miles, took a shower, put a hot pocket into the microwave, sat down on my lovely couch, turned on the fireplace, and read the first page to discover that this book is really boring. It is really quite BORING! And all that I said before isn't real (I don't have the luxuries of a house). I can't relate to anything this dude is saying. It's like he lived over 600 years ago in a different country and era or something! Besides that, everything he was saying (by the way: his name sounds like a dinner plate (if that tells you anything about his credibility)) is just common sense.

John: "Of course I'd rather be Loved than Feared! What idiot wouldn't?"

But apparently it was something revolutionary back in the day.

So, I kept the book with me, always holding it in my right hand while walking down the street (so as to seem literate, thus attractive), and decided I would embark on my own queries. This is where Love and Fear come from. But what about Power?

"Love or Power. Great leaders have both."

...That was taken from my twitter account when I was postulating on what makes a great leader and what is Power and what is Love, etc. That's where Power comes in. It actually has been delved upon by other philosophers. And Hate is just good to include because it is a facet of Fear. Now, a question: how do we define these separate entities pertaining to our senses? leading to the BIG question: How do they all correlate with each other...?

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