Monday, February 27, 2012

Just a thought on One God over all Religions, The Master Idea

The Muslims had The Mount before the Jews. Also I read somewhere, correct me if I am wrong, but Muslims occupied the territory of Israel and Palestine before Israel ever was a political idea. It is not that surprising to me to know that there are Jewish Fundamentalists out there, just like there are Islamic Fundamentalists. What is disturbing is that they both do irrational things in the name of 'God', The God that I keep telling everybody that is not intelligent, non-personifiable, physical, The Master Idea that is and exists in the NOW. The Master Idea == Muslim God == Christian God == Jewish God == Atheist's Science.

Illumination is excluded, but could be included (pretty much any religion could be included), because they believe that people are God, when in fact, people are part of the physical God that exists in the NOW. We are part of it, The Master Idea broadcasts it's Ideas through matter. It's all around us.

this note is a fragment. gotta go do something....

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