Monday, February 27, 2012

Jesus said, 'Accept Everyone.'

why do Christians think being gay is an "abomination"...? God is not a person. God never said that. Jesus never said that either. I think SOME PEOPLE like to HATE. Then the question is, "Why do you want to go to war with people you are threatened by?" You say you have nothing to fear and that you are doing God's work. Well if you are not afraid of them, why are you so adamant about their destruction? Do you think they will corrupt your mind? If you do, your mind has already been 'corrupted' because only a corrupt mind would know what corrupt feels like. What am I saying...? ... I don't know, God never said that because God isn't human. You are, and you are not living as Jesus lived. Jesus said, 'Accept Everyone.' What don't you get about that...? You are so afraid that you will be 'corrupted' just like 'everybody else'. well let me tell you, even if everybody else became 'corrupted' you still have the choice to be 'uncorrupted' all by yourself if you wanted to, NOBODY will stop you. Now I've gotten to your basic, primal fear. You should understand now why you cannot stand sinners. It's because part of you is a sinner as well. So you should accept yourself for that. Then you'll be able to accept 'everyone else.'

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