Wednesday, February 15, 2012

i don't want to do this act, but i am.

i have to work on this rap against this dude at work i don't really care, but i suppose i could push myself to do it.

Jack: if you don't really care, then why are you doing it...?

John: because he wants me to.

Jack: that's bullshit. you don't do anything anybody else wants you to do. Everything you do is for yourself. And if it wasn't then you wouldn't do it. So when you interact with other people, you're only helping yourself, not somebody else.

John: then why do I feel this force, this anxiety, like I don't want to do it...?

Jack: that's you fighting what is good for you. what you want and what's good for you are two different things.

John: I think there's more to it. a disconnect between body and mind. but the mind is the body and vice versa. it's physical. i think there's a flaw in your argument...


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